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Our Story

Bur·gee /bərˈjē: A posh name for Flag.

Our founder, Amy Culver, always had an attraction to burgees. She collected them from yacht clubs and marinas while traveling. They made great keepsakes from her boating adventures. Eventually, she collected far more than she could display in the confines of a Key West condo.

She’d given some of them away but discovered that they were received with tepid enthusiasm. It seemed that her family and friends felt they were a bit like the t-shirts that say, “My parents went traveling and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

While in the throes of a delirium from COVID, she found herself staring at her growing pile of burgees and came up with an idea… Why not display them on bags and clothing instead just on her walls? The result would surely be fun to wear and would also make excellent presents.

She dusted off what minimal sewing skills she had acquired years before, and experimented on Oxford shirts, canvas bags, and polos. She sent several of them to family and friends. This time, they loved them. In fact, they had the audacity to request more of them! Orders started pouring in faster than she could fill them on her own.

No longer able to meet the demand from her personal stock of burgees, Amy reached out to a friend to collaborate on a line of custom burgees.

Burgeez, LLC was born.

The first run of burgees uses the Kilo Whiskey moniker for Key West. (FYI – Contrary to popular lore, that does not mean we’ve run through our Kilo of cocaine and have resorted to Whiskey. Burgeez is a drug-free workplace!)